Chapel Arts is a one of a kind shop in the heart of the Down Town Vancouver, BC

Chapel Arts is the premiere custom woodworking studio in downtown Vancouver. We offer clients a variety of cutting edge technologies to create virtually any design. Purveyors of the finest reclaimed timbers and exotic local hardwoods. we have a huge inventory of regionally seasoned air dried slabs, timbers, and board stock in a variety of sizes and species. With over 30 years of experience of high end woodworking services and offer both in-house design and made to order services for virtually any job. Visit our boutique industrial studio to view our collection of one of a kind and limited edition pieces.



Nathan Wiens


Neal Colgan
Design Technician
Shop Supervisor

Karl Simmons
Design Technician
Site Supervisor

Craig Pettman
Sign Painter
Vintage Car Specialist
Snake Charmer


Lionel Langen
Captain of Everything
Window Technician

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